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Transformers diecast collection Unboxing 10 Cars

Get all of the Transformers die-cast vehicles for the ultimate showdown! Each pack features a mix of either Autobot and Decepticon vehicles with detailed styling and robot detail on the chassis for a More Than Meets the Eye play experience! Traditional mini vehicle play with More than Meets the Eye fantasy, with a robot on the bottom of each vehicle. You can find these Transformers diecast online and toy retail outlets like Target, Wallmart, toys r us.. On the back side of the packaging you'll see a picture of the robot as well as some additional info on the character. In typical Transformers fashion you get a character bio. Few cars are from Revenge of the Fallen movie

01) IRONHIDE - revealers series
02) BARRICADE POLICE CAR - stunticon series
03) OPTIMUS PRIME - metal heroes series
04) OPTIMUS PRIME - cyber hunt series
05) BUMBLEBEE - NEST Global Alliance series
07) IRONHIDE - metal heroes series
08) BLUESTREAK - road assault series

Wherever the Decepticons appear Ironhide will be there ready and waiting! As Autobot weapon master, Ironhide is expected to test all new hardware for safety and effectiveness.

GMC Topkick, portraying the Autobot Ironhide
Pontiac Solstice portraying the Autobot Jazz
Chevrolet Camaro portraying the Autobot Bumblebee.
Peterbilt 379 portraying the Autobot Optimus Prime.

Transformers (2007)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) scheduled for release on July 1, 2011

Transformers is the first film in the franchise. In Transformers, Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) discovers that his new car is actually an alien robot (Mark Ryan) from the planet Cybertron. He and his crush Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) find out upon meeting the Transforming warriors of Cybertron—the Autobots led by Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen), that the evil Decepticon leader Megatron (Hugo Weaving) is after the legendary AllSpark which is on Earth along with him. A battle takes place in Mission City between the Autobots and Decepticons. Megatron is defeated by Sam as he releases the AllSpark power into his chest. In the end credits, the Decepticon Starscream (Charlie Adler) is seen flying off into space, suggesting that the battle is not over. The film was released on July 3, 2007.

My Disney Pixar Cars Toys Collection 16 Cars 2 Choppers

Hey guys, this is my Disney Pixar Cars Collection and also Cars Toon Collection, big Cars only in this video, that means 8 to 23 inches long! NO tiny small die cast here!! So far I have 16 Cars and 2 Helicopters!

01) Sally plush 13 inches long (Porsche Carrera)
02) Doc Hudson diecast 1:24 scale about 9 inches long
03) Lightning Mcqueen diecast 1:24 scale about 8 inches long
04) Tow Mater diecast 1:24 scale about 8 inches long
05) Tow Mater Remote Control - almost 11 inches long
06) Radiator Springs Sheriff 11 inches long
07) Fast Talking Lightning Mcqueen almost 11 inches long
08) Rescue Squad Mater from Cars Toon 9 inches
09) Musical DJ 10 inches long
10) Dancing Mcqueen almost 11 inches long
11) Drifting Mcqueen from Mater's Tall Tales almost 10 inches long
12) Tokyo Mater from Mater's Tall Tales almost 10 inches long
13) Rust-eze Lightning Mcqueen almost 14 inches long
14) Dinoco Bling Bling Mcqueen almost 14 inches long
15) Frightning McMean from Mater's Tall Tales almost 10 inches long
16) Tormentor from Mater's Tall Tales almost 10 inches long
17) Rescue Squad Chopper from Mater's Tall Tales Cars Toon 23 inches long
18) Dinoco Chopper The King 23 inches long

I just LOVE all Disney toys and Pixar toys !

Upcoming blu ray titles

Hey everybody, here are some blu-ray covers coming soon

Tangled blu-ray 3D
Tron blu-ray
Tron Legacy blu-ray
Tron legacy blu-ray 3D
Lion King blu-ray
Lion King blu-ray 3D
Teen Wolf

Moonwalker blu ray Steelbook Import

Unboxing of the blu-ray Monnwalker from Michael Jackson, region free, import from Germany.

English DTS-HD MA 5.1
German DD 2.0
French DD 2.0
Italian DD 2.0
Spanish DD 2.0

German, English, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, French, Greek, Hebrew, Icelandic, Italian, Latin American Spanish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, German for Hearing impaired, English for hearing impaired, Italian for the hearing impaired

Region Free - Come with 16-pages Photos-booklet

Moonwalker, also known as Michael Jackson: Moonwalker, is an American anthology film released in 1988 by singer Michael Jackson. Rather than featuring one continuous narrative, the film is a collection of short films about Jackson, several of which are long-form music videos from Jackson's Bad album. The film is named after the dance technique known as the moonwalk, which was one of his trademark moves. The name of the dance move was dubbed by the media, not by Jackson himself; however, he did choose the title of the film himself. The film is rated PG outside of the United States.

A short biographical film about Jackson, covering the early years from the Jackson 5 until the Bad World Tour. Excerpts of the following songs are played:

"Music and Me"
"I Want You Back"
"The Love You Save"
"Who's Lovin' You"
"Dancing Machine"
"Blame It on the Boogie"
"Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)"
"Rock with You"
"Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough"
"Can You Feel It"
"Human Nature"
"Beat It"
"Billie Jean"
"State of Shock"
"We Are the World"
"The Way You Make Me Feel"
"Dirty Diana

Chicken Run and Message in a Bottle blu ray unboxing review

Here I am doing an unboxing of Chicken Run in blu-ray and Message in a Bottle also blu-ray both released in Germany. In Both Movies, Sticker cannot be removed but movie inlet can be flipped since it's the exact same interior artwork!

Chicken Run


german, english

Region FREE - 5 stars for audio and video. BD-25 GB -
Sticker cannot be removed but movie inlet can be flipped since it's the exact same interior artwork!

Special Features:
Making of Chicken Run
Hatching of Chicken Run
"Behind the scenes" contributions
Trailers and TV Spots

Chicken Run is a 2000 British stop-motion animation film made by the Aardman Animations studios, the production studio of the Oscar-winning Wallace and Gromit films. Set in Yorkshire, England in 1959, the film centers around a band of chickens, who seek a smooth-talking Rhode Island Red named Rocky as their only hope to escape from their certain death when the owners of their farm decide to move from selling eggs to selling chicken pies. With Mel Gibson and Julia Sawalha. This movie won 11 different awards as best animated movie! Distributed by Dreamworks in USA

Message in a Botte



Region FREE - 4 stars for audio and video. BD-25 GB -
Sticker cannot be removed but movie inlet can be flipped since it's the exact same interior artwork!
1920x1080p (2.35:1) @24 Hz

Special Features:
Making Of
Interviews with Cast & Crew
Videoclip "Only Lonely" von Hootie & the Blowfish
International Trailer & TV-Spots

Message in a Bottle is a 1999 American romantic drama film directed by Luis Mandoki. Based on a novel with the same name by Nicholas Sparks, the film stars Kevin Costner, Robin Wright Penn, and Paul Newman. Theresa Osborne (Robin W. Penn) works for The Chicago Tribune as a researcher (she is a former reporter). On a trip to Cape Cod, she finds a mysterious, intriguing love letter in a bottle in the sand, addressed from Garret to Catherine. She is fascinated by it and comes into possession of two more letters by the same person, eventually tracking down the man who wrote them, Garret Blake (Kevin Costner) He has refurbished a boat called Happenstence with his wife before her death and he lives quietly on the outer banks of North Carolina with his father, Dodge (Paul Newman).

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Gladiator blu ray steelbook unboxing review Anniversary edition

Unboxing of this wonderful blu-ray steelbook case of the movie Gladiator Special 10th Anniversary Edition. Be sure to get the anniversary edition. This steelbook is from Netherlands. ( ) If you live in US make sure to purchase the Remastered version which is the one WITHOUT the words "2-Disc Set" in the back right-lower-corner! The one with the words "2-disc set" is the bad disc!

English = DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio 4408 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 4408 kbps
French = DTS Audio 768 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps
Italian = DTS Audio 768 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps
German = DTS Audio 768 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps
Spanish = DTS Audio 768 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps
Portuguese = DTS Audio 768 kbps 5.1 / 48 kHz / 768 kbps
English = Dolby Digital Audio 192 kbps 2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps /

English / French / Italian / German / Spanish / Portuguese /Spanish / Dutch / Danish / Finnish /
Norwegian / Swedish / Chinese /

50GB Blu-ray Disc - Two-disc set (2 BDs)

Special Features:

Disc One

Audio Commentaries -- two commentary tracks, w/ Director Ridley Scott and actor Russell Crowe
"Visions from Elysium: Topic Portal"
"The Scrolls of Knowledge"

Disc Two

Documentary: "Strength and Honor: Creating the World of 'Gladiator'" (SD, 200 minutes) --
"Image and Design" --
"Production Design Primer: Arthur Max" (SD, 10 minutes)
Storyboarding (SD, 13 minutes),
Storyboard Archive
Costume Design Gallery
Photo Galleries
"Weapons Primer: Simon Atherton" (SD, 5 minutes)
"Abandoned Sequences and Deleted Scenes" (SD, 23 minutes)
"The Making of 'Gladiator'" (SD, 25 minutes), along with the documentary
"Gladiator Games: The Roman Bloodsport" (SD, 50 minutes)
"Hans Zimmer: Scoring 'Gladiator'" (SD, 21 minutes)
"An Evening with Russell Crowe" (SD, 27 minutes)
"Maximus Uncut: Between Takes with Russell Crowe" (SD, 8 minutes)
"My 'Gladiator' Journal by Spencer Treat Clark"
"VFX Explorations: Germania and Rome" (SD, 24 minutes)
Gladiator is a 2000 historical epic directed by Ridley Scott, starring Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Nielsen, Ralf Möller, Oliver Reed, Djimon Hounsou, Derek Jacobi, John Shrapnel and Richard Harris. Russell Crowe as Maximus Decimus Meridius: a morally upstanding Roman general in Germania, turned slave who seeks revenge against Commodus. He had been under the favor of Marcus Aurelius, and the love and admiration of Lucilla prior to the events of the film. His home is near Emerita Augusta, current city of Mérida in today's Province of Badajoz. After the murder of his family he vows vengeance.
Reduced to slavery, Maximus rises through the ranks of the gladiatorial arena to avenge the murder of his family and his Emperor. Released in the United States on May 5, 2000, it was a box office success, receiving generally positive reviews, and was credited with briefly reviving the historical epic. The film was nominated for and won multiple awards; it won five Academy Awards in the 73rd Academy Awards including Best Picture. Although there have been talks of both a prequel and sequel, as of 2011, no production has begun.
The film was released on Blu-ray in September 2009, in a 2-disc edition containing both the theatrical and extended cuts of the film, as part of Paramount's "Sapphire Series" (Paramount bought the DreamWorks library in 2006). Initial reviews of the Blu-ray Disc release criticized poor image quality, leading to many calling for it to be remastered. A remastered version was later released in 2010.

BluCollection contest winners

Special thanks for everybody for participating in this contest.
And also special thanks to all my friends and subscribers for watching my videos.

Winners are:

1) TheSuperiorRin - Resident Evil Steelbook BD

2) Espot12345 - Nanny McPhee BD

3) JuniorRocks2012 - Matrix BD

4) CoverAgent - Open Season BD

5) RaoulGarciagro - RED BD

Fantastic Four Rise of Silver Surfer blu ray Steelbook Unboxing

Just got this awesome blu-ray steelbook from amazon Germany, it has a great artwork design inside and out. This is the unboxing review of the blu-ray steelbook box set of Fantastic Four and its sequel Rise of the Silver Surfer

Deutsch DTS-HD HR 5.1
Englisch DTS-HD HR 5.1

German for hearing impaired

Special Features:
Fantastic Four:
Making-of: Heroes are Born (approx. 97 minutes)
The Baxter Building (10 min)
Music Videos: "Everything Burns" and "Come on, come in"
Deleted Scenes (approx 24 min)
Actor Information
- Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer - dt. Trailer (Vor Beginn des Hauptmenüs - ca. 02:05 Min.)
- Resident Evil: Apocalypse - dt. Trailer (ca. 02:12 Min.)
- Das Parfum: Die Geschichte eines Mörders - dt. Trailer (ca. 02:32 Min.)
- Hero: Directors Cut - dt. Trailer (ca. 02:57 Min.)

Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer:
Audio Comments (Actor, director and producer)
Documentation of the shooting (46 minutes)
Making of "Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer"(20 minutes)
Extended and Deleted Scenes (9 minutes)
Animated Storyboards (6 minutes)
Interviews (18 minutes)
The special film tip: Lissi und der wilde Kaiser - Trailer 2 ger (about 1:37 minutes)

Fantastic Four (titled Fantastic 4) is a 2005 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics comic Fantastic Four. It was directed by Tim Story, and released by 20th Century Fox. It was the third superhero film of the year, after Elektra and Batman Begins. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is a 2007 Marvel superhero film, and sequel to the 2005 film Fantastic Four. Both films are based on the Fantastic Four comic book and were directed by Tim Story.

Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Reed Richards / Elastic Man Mr. Fantastic
Jessica Alba as Susan Storm / Invisible Woman
Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm / The Thing (from No Ordinary Family)
Chris Evans as Johnny Storm / Human Torch (from Captain America)
Julian McMahon as Victor von Doom / Doctor Doom
Hamish Linklater as Leonard
Kerry Washington as Alicia Masters
Laurie Holden as Debbie McIlvane
David Parker as Ernie
Maria Menounos as Nurse
Stan Lee as Willie Lumpkin
Beau Garrett as Captain Frankie Raye (Siren from Tron Legacy)

1) Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four starts as Reed Richards is forced as a last resort to go to Dr. Victor von Doom in order to get financed for an experiment, involving evolution and cloud storms in outer space. Upon making a deal, Reed and Victor go to Doom's space station, accompanied by Ben Grimm, Susan Storm, and her brother Johnny Storm. When aboard, due to a miscalculation they are unexpectedly hit by the space storm and are affected in very different ways by the radiation. The story follows them as they deal with these new 'powers' in their own ways, and how at one point Reed, Ben, Susan and Johnny become heroes by saving many people in a public predicament.

2) Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer introduces the Silver Surfer, whose cosmic energy has been affecting the planet and leaving mysterious craters around the planet. Set against an impending wedding between Reed and Susan, the US Army recruits the Fantastic Four to help stop the Surfer, and separately gain help from Doctor Doom, who returns, to the surprise of the Fantastic Four. Later, Susan learns that the Surfer is in fact the slave of an intergalactic 'world eating' entity known as Galactus, and has no choice but to abide by Galactus' commands. Doom double-crosses the army in an attempt to steal and master the Surfer's powers, only to be defeated by the Fantastic Four, who in turn restore the Surfer in time for him to face down his master and save Earth.

Van Helsing blu ray Steelbook Import Quersteelbook

You may find this awesome blu-ray steelbook, also called quersteelbook, of Van Helsing at amazon Germany. Region ALL (free) NO interior artwork!

English = DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
German = DTS 5.1
French = DTS 5.1
Italian = DTS 5.1
Spanish = DTS 5.1
Jananese = DTS 5.1

German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese

Region FREE -

Special Features:
Van Helsing: The Story, the life, legend (SD, 58 mins)
Track The adventure (SD, 34 mins)
Bringing monster to life (SD, 10 mins)
Are you in the movie! (SD, 4 mins)
The music of "Van Helsing" (SD, 9 mins)
Dracula's Lair is transformed (SD, 3 mins)
The masquerade without masks (SD, 25 mins)
The art of "Van Helsing" (SD, 5 mins)
Bloopers (SD, 5 mins)
My Scenes

Picture in Picture
- Feature Commentary with Director Stephen Sommers and editor / producer Bob Ducsay
- Feature Commentary with Richard Roxburgh, Shuler Hensley and Will Kemp

Van Helsing is a 2004 American action horror, fantasy film about vigilante monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing, written, produced, and directed by Stephen Sommers. Same director of blockbuster movies like The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, G.I. Joe. The film stars Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale. The film is a homage and tribute to the Universal Horror Monster films from the '30s and '40s (also produced by Universal Studios), of which director Stephen Sommers is a fan. The titular character was inspired by Abraham Van Helsing from Irish author Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Distributed by Universal Pictures, the film includes a number of monsters such as Count Dracula and the Frankenstein's monster in a way similar to the multi-monster movies that Universal produced in the 1940s, such as Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man and House of Dracula. With U$ 160 millions dollars budget Van Helsing grossed U$ 300 millions!!!

Underworld Evolution blu ray Steelbook Import

You may find this awesome blu-ray steelbook of the movie Underworld Evolution at amazon Germany. Region ALL (free) Great artwork design! And watch out for the fourth movie coming soon, January 2012 tentatively titled Underworld: New Dawn

English: LPCM 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 5.1
German: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, German, Turkish

25GB Blu-ray Disc
Steelbook case - one blu-ray disc

Special Features:
Filmmaker Commentary
- Bloodlines: From Script to Film
- The Hybrid Theory: Physical and digital effects
- Big Effects: Further development of the creatures
- The battle rages on: Stunts
- Creation of a Saga: production design, music and sound design
Music Video: "Her Portrait in Black " by Atreyu

1) Underworld (2003)
Underworld tells the story of Selene (played by Kate Beckinsale), a Death Dealer bent on destroying Lycans as an act of revenge against the Lycans that allegedly killed her family. She discovers that the Lycans are pursuing a human, Michael Corvin, for experimentation; Selene captures Michael herself to find out what the Lycans are up to. Along the way, Selene not only discovers a mutinous plot to destroy the Vampire Elders, but also a shocking revelation about her father-like Elder, Viktor.

2) Underworld: Evolution (2006)
Underworld: Evolution is the second film in the Underworld series. Evolution continues the feud between Vampires and werewolves, but highlights glimpses of their origins some centuries ago.
Underworld Evolution is an immediate follow-up to Underworld. Therefore, the events of Evolution begin during the same night of the first film's finale, and ends only one night later. It has several more constructive plot elements than its predecessor.

3) Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)
It is the third installment in the Underworld series, focusing primarily on the origins of some characters and the events leading to the Vampire-Lycan werewolf war

4) Underworld: New Dawn (2012)
A fourth film, rumored to be shot in 3-D, is set to be directed by Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein with a release date of January 20, 2012. Kate Beckinsale has officially signed on to reprise her role as Selene[2] and screenwriter John Hlavin has stated that the movie will not be a prequel.[3] Production on the film is set to start in March 2011 in Vancouver with Tom Rosenberg, Gary Lucchesi, and Len Wiseman producing.[citation needed] On November 22, 2010, it was reported that the film is tentatively titled Underworld: New Dawn and the following plot synopsis was given:
"After being held in a coma-like state for fifteen years, vampire Selene (Kate Beckinsale) learns that she has a fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid daughter, Nissa, and when she finds her, they must stop BioCom from creating super Lycans that will kill them all."

Disney Pixar Lightning McQueen Rust-eze and Dinoco Bling Bling

Hey guys, I just got these two awesome big cars to my Disney Cars collection. One is from Dinoco called Bling Bling McQueen with Dinoco blue paint job, electronic lights and sounds, moving exhaust, moving eyes and custom spinners and the other from Deluxe Mcqueen Rust-eze 14 Inch Figure with Lights & Sounds Dirt Track . Requires 3 "AA" batteries.

Megamind blu ray unboxing review

This is the 2-disc blu-ray and dvd from Megamind. I'm giving this one 5stars for audio and video! Great transfer! Phenomenal picture! No complaints here!
Megamind 3D is NOT available in stores! You can only find the Megamind 3D when purchasing the new Samsung Starter kit which also comes with all Shrek 3D movies and 2 pairs of shutter 3D glasses for $500.00

English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Portuguese: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese

50GB Blu-ray Disc
Two-disc set (1 BD, 1 DVD)

Special Features:
- Filmmakers' Commentary
- Megamind: The Button of Doom (1080p, Dolby TrueHD 7.1, 15 mins): An all-new animated short feature starring characters from the film.
- The Animators' Corner (1080p) pip
- Trivia Track:
- Comic Creator (1080p)
- Behind the Mind (1080p):
- Meet the Cast of Megamind (1080p, 9 mins)
- Deleted Scene (1080p, 1 min)
- Outtakes (1080p, 11 min.)
- Inside Megamind's Lair (1080p, 7:17)
- AnimatorMan (1080p, 2:01)
- You Can Draw Megamind (1080p, 13:14)
- Mega Rap (1080p, 1 min)
- The Reign of Megamind -- Video Comic Book (1080p)
- Spot the Difference (1080p)
- Filmmakers' Commentary
- World of DreamWorks Animation (1080p)
- Previews/Trailers (1080p)
- DVD Copy.

Megamind is a 2010 3D animated superhero comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation and Red Hour Productions, and distributed by Paramount Pictures. The film was released in the United States in Digital 3D, IMAX 3D and 2D on November 5, 2010. It features the voices of Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, David Cross with Brad Pitt and Ben Stiller.

Resident Evil blu ray STEELBOOK 4 set film series

4 set of film series Resident Evil all in blu-ray Steelbook edition. All these four movies were purchased at Wallmart stores but can also be found at, the first three sold for $15.00 and the fourth and last one sold for $20.

Resident Evil (2002)
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)
Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)


English: Dolby TrueHD 5.1
Italian: Dolby TrueHD 5.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Portuguese: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Special Features:
- Cast and Filmmaker Commentary -- by Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez
- Visual Effects Commentary --
- Playing Dead: Resident Evil -- From Game to Screen (SD, 15 min.) --
- The Making of Resident Evil (SD, 27 min.) --
- Scoring Resident Evil (SD, 11 min.) --
-Storyboarding Resident Evil (SD, 7 min.) --
- Costumes (SD, 4 min.) --
- Set Design (SD, 4 min.) --
- The Creature (SD, 5 min.) --
- The Elevator (SD, 1 min.) --
- The Laser (SD, 5 min.) --
- The Train (SD, 2 min.) --
- Zombie Dogs (SD, 4 min.) --
- Zombies (SD, 5 min.) --
- Alternate Ending (SD, 3 min.)
- " My Plague" by Slipknot (SD, 3 min.) music video



English: LPCM 5.1
English: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, Spanish, Portuguese

Special Features
- Game Over: 'Resident Evil' Re-Animated (480p, 49:42) six-part documentary
- Game Babes (480p, 11:05) featurette
- Symphony of Evil (480p, 7:42) featurette
- Corporate Malfeasance (480p, 2:54) featurette
- Trailer (480p, 11:57) 20 deleted scenes



English: Dolby TrueHD 5.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1
Portuguese: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Cantonese

Special Features:
- Audio Commentary -- Director Russell Mulcahy is joined by writer/producer Paul Anderson and producer Jeremy Bolt.
- Beyond Raccoon City: Unearthing Resident Evil Extinction (HD, 31 mins) -- making-of featurette
- Deleted Scenes (SD, 9 min.) -- 11 short scenes
- Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailer (HD, 1 min.)



English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Portuguese: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
French: Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1

English, English SDH, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Special Features:
- Audio Commentary - w/ Paul W.S. Anderson, Jeremy Bolt, and Robert Kulzer.
- Featurettes (HD, 47 min) -
- Sneak Peek of Resident Evil: Damnation (HD, 1 min) -
- Back Under the Umbrella: Directing Afterlife (1080p, 6:43)
- Band of Survivors: Casting 'Afterlife' (1080p, 6:39)
- Undead Dimension: Resident Evil in 3D (1080p, 7:27)
- Fighting Back: The Action of Afterlife (1080p, 5:31)
- Vison of the Apocalypse: The Design of Afterlife (1080p, 7:28)
- New Blood: The Undead of Afterlife (1080p, 7:31)
- Pwning the Undead: Gamers of the Afterlife (1080p, 6:11)
- Sneak Peek of Resident Evil: Damnation (1080p, 1:10).
- Previews (HD) -
- Undead Vision: Picture-in-Picture -
- Deleted/Extended Scenes (HD, 7 min) -
- Outtakes (HD, 4 min) -
- MovieIQ -


Resident Evil is a film series loosely based upon the Capcom video games of the same name. Constantin Film bought rights to the first film in January 1997 with Alan B. McElroy and George A. Romero as potential writers. In 2001, Sony acquired distribution rights to the film and hired Paul W.S. Anderson as writer and director for Resident Evil (2002). He continued on as writer and producer for Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) and Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) while returning as director for a fourth installment, Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010), which was released in 3D.
The Umbrella Corporation acts as the main antagonist in the series, a company responsible for the zombie apocalypse as a result of founding the T-Virus. The films follow franchise protagonist Alice, portrayed by Milla Jovovich, who was once a security operative working for Umbrella. She is granted super-human abilities after being tested on by Umbrella. Through her battle with the corporation, she eventually meets with the main antagonist

Due Date blu ray dvd unboxing review

Due date is now available in a 2-disc blu-ray and dvd with digital copy. I'm giving this release 5 stars audio and video for its great quality transfer! Due Date is a 2010 American comedy road film directed by Todd Phillips, starring Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galifianakis and Jamie Foxx

English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
French Dolby Digital 5.1
Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
Portuguese Dolby Digital 5.1

English, French, Spanish, Portuguese

Special Features:
- Gag Reel (HD, 7 minutes)
- Deleted Scenes (HD, 4 minutes)
- Too Many Questions (HD, 1 minute):
- Action Mash-Up (HD, 1 minute)
- The Complete Two and a Half Men Scene (HD, 3 minutes)
- BD-Live Functionality

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lightning McQueen & Mater Diecast Car 1/24 scale Disney Pixar World of Cars

This collectible character car is based on the Disney Pixar animated movie CARS. It's a detailed die-cast replica of the lovable character Lightning McQueen. 1:24 Scale about 8 inches long. Also in this video you will find his best friend Tow Mater also as a 1:24 die-cast car.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, it's the story of a hot-shot race-car named Lightning McQueen that gets lost and ends up in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family. There he meets loveable characters as Tow Mater, Sally, Luigi, Guido, Flo, Fillmore, Hudson Hornet, and also the sheriff.

In 2001, the movie's working title was Route 66 (after U.S. Route 66), but in 2002, the title was changed to prevent people from thinking it was related to the 1960 television show with the same name. In addition, Lightning McQueen's number was originally going to be 57 (John Lasseter birth year), but was changed to 95 (the year Toy Story was released). Glenn John McQueen was a Canadian supervisor of digital animation and supervising character animator at Pixar. In October 2002, McQueen died from skin cancer. He was 41 years old. The film Finding Nemo was dedicated to him, as seen before the final credits at the end of the movie. His former colleagues also paid tribute to him making his name the main character in the film Cars ("Lightning McQueen").

Cars 2 is currently scheduled for release in theaters in USA on June 24, 2011 and in the UK on July 22, 2011. Star racecar Lightning McQueen and the incomparable tow truck Mater take their friendship to exciting new places in Cars 2 when they head overseas to compete in the first-ever World Grand Prix to determine the world's fastest car. But the road to the championship is filled with plenty of potholes, detours and hilarious surprises when Mater gets caught up in an intriguing adventure of his own: international espionage.