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Cars 2 blu ray 3D unboxing review 5-disc with Air Mater Cars Toon

Hey guys, today we're unboxing the latest Disney and Pixar film called Cars 2 blu-ray 3D in a 5-disc combo, blu-ray3D, blu-ray film, blu-ray special features, DVD and digital copy. All blu-rays discs are region FREE. So lets take an up-close closer look at this wicked awesome animated film from Pixar. First of all this movie was a fantastic huge success, with a budget of $200 millions it broke box office grossing over $550 millions without any home video sales at all. FYI the 2-disc Cars 2 blu-ray and DVD only has 12 mins of special features, but the 5-disc blu-ray3D will have over 2 hrs of special features all in high definition! Comes with newest Cars Toon 2 short called Air Mater and the very first Toy Story Toon short called "Hawaiian Vacation". And also a 7 minutes Cars Land. Image quality deserves 10 stars! And the sound is boombastic

The film will be released as:
01) One-disc DVD; a
02) Two-disc combo pack (Blu-ray and DVD); a
03) Five-disc combo pack (Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD, and Digital Copy); and an
04) Eleven-disc featuring Cars, Cars 2, and Mater's Tall Tales.

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1
English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 ES
Spanish: DTS-HD High Resolution 7.1
Spanish: Dolby Digital 5.1 EX Mexico
English: Dolby Digital 2.0

English, English SDH, Spanish

Special Features (over 2hrs in HD)
Audio Commentary: Directors John Lasseter, Brad Lewis
Hawaiian Vacation (HD, 6 minutes) from Toy Story Toons
Air Mater (HD, 6 minutes): new short from Cars Toon 2 with Barney Stormin, Mia and Tia.
Nuts & Bolts of Cars Land (HD, 7 mins) Cars Land Disneyland California

Radiator Springs (HD, 10 minutes):
01) "Tall Tale Deleted Scene" 4-minute alternate opening
02) "Origins of Cars 2" featurette"
03) "Radiator Springs Set Exploration"
Art Slideshow

The Pacific (HD, 10 minutes):
01) "Somewhere in the Pacific" opening scene
02) "Making Lemon-Aides" creation of the villains
03) "Oil Derrick Set Exploration" tour the opening set
Art Slideshow
Also, be sure to press down while highlighting "The Pacific" icon to access the first of 4 Easter Eggs.

London (HD, 15 minutes):
01) "Brawl at Big Bentley",
02) "Spyified",
03) "Spy Training: London",
04) "Big Bentley, Tower Bridge, London Eye and Buckingham Palace Set Explorations".
Art Slideshow and trailer
Also press down while highlight the "London" icon to access second Easter Egg.

Paris (HD, 12 minutes):
01) "Paris Race" Deleted Scene
02) "Streets of Paris" featurette
03) "Spy Training" short
04) "Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower and Paris Market Set Explorations,"
Art Slideshow and trailer

Munich (HD, 9 minutes):
01) "Germany Deleted Scene,"
02) "Oktoberfest Deleted Scene,"
03) "Mater-Hosen"
Art Slideshow and trailer

Prague (HD, 3 minutes)
01) "Alternate Prague Chase Opening"
Art Slideshow.

Porta Costa (HD, 14 minutes):
01) "Finding Porta Costa" featurette
02) "Heart of Italy" featurette
03) "International Insurance" short,
04) "Porta Costa and Uncle Topolino's Square Set Explorations,"
Art Slideshow.
Also press down while highlighting the "Porta Costa" icon for a third Easter Egg.

Tokyo (HD, 23 minutes):
01) "Tokyo Race Extended Scene" w/ optional filmmaker commentary
02) "Mater Takes Tokyo" fish-out-of-water featurette, a
03) "Many Nations, One Race" World Grand Prix story featurette
04) "Spy Training" short
05) "Museum Set Exploration," Japanese theatrical trailer
Art Slideshow and Trailer
Also press down while highlighting the "Tokyo" icon to access the fourth Easter Egg.

Emeryville (HD, 20 minutes):
"Motorama" attend annual Pixar car show in Motorama
"He Lives! Making the Finn McMissile Toy" behind-the-scenes making a toy
"Animation Pit Stop" character animations
US Teaser and Trailer

Sneak Peeks (HD, 10 minutes): Trailers for Pixar Brave, Disney Planes blu-ray, The Muppets, Lady and the Tramp blu-ray, Cars 2 Videogame, Naughty vs. Nice and Tinkebell Secret of the Wings.

Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen, Larry the Cable Guy as Mater, Michael Caine as Finn Scissile, Emily Mortimer as Holley Shiftwell, Bonnie Hunt as Sally Carrera, John Turturro as Francesco Bernoulli. And also: Miles Axlerod, Siddeley, Professor Z├╝ndapp, Grem, Acer, Luigi, Guido, Sarge, Mack, Jeff Gorvette, Lewis Hamilton, Darrell Cartrip, Brent Mustangburger, David Hobbscap, Rod "Torque" Redline, John Lassetire, Franco Nero as Uncle Topolino, Vladimir Trunkov, Pacer, Mama Topolino, The Queen, Tomber, Ramone, Flo, Sheriff, Tony Trihull, Crabby the Boat, Otis, Lizzie, Mel Dorado, Vitaly Petrov, Carla Veloso,

Cars Land
Disney California Adventure is constructing a 12 acre new land only of Cars that will include the most expensive ride Disney has ever built called Radiator Springs Racers. Cars Land is an entire interactive replica of Radiator Springs where guests can race against each other while riding on their favorite Cars characters.

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