Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monster Jam Color Shifters Trucks from Hot Wheels Mattel Changers Amazing !

Color Shifters are a series of cars or trucks that change color based on water temperature. Icy water changes the color, warm water changes the color back. You can change the color as many times as you want forever! Hot wheels color shifters changers are plastic cars, not die-cast. Each truck changes color immediately with warm and icy cold water for double the fun. NO waiting time! Kids can take their favorite cars or trucks and with a quick dunk, watch the magic happen! You can change their color as many times as you want, over and and over over, forever! You can change the color even after weeks or months after being used. Just so you know tap water does not do the trick, it must be icy water. In this video I'm gonna show 4 Moster Jam color shifter trucks: Madusa color shifters Monster Jam. UPC 746775111854 King Krunch Monster Jam color shifters UPC 746775111854 Grinder Monster Jam color shifters. UPC 746775111854 Grave Digger Monster Jam color shifters. UPC 746775111854 These small plastic toy cars and trucks come set to their "warm" color of body paint. The car then stays that color until its dipped in warm water. Kids can change the cars back and forth indefinitely, and the bodies of the cars are made of plastic, so they will never rust. They change colors immediately, there is no waiting time. Children ages 3 and up should have no trouble mastering the ability to change the paint jobs on these cars back and forth with water. In fact once they get started, it may be difficult to get them to stop. If a parent is willing to spread some towels out and give kids access to a bowl or two of water, children can amuse themselves for hours!!! These color changers cars are awesome !!! Only to be used with plastic color changers cars! Do NOT use die-cast cars. Only use color changers or color shifters cars!!! Perfect to use with playset and tracks like the Octobattle blaster and Bubble-Matic car wash. The 2011 Color Shifters series collection has 4 sub-series: Water Revealers (traditional color-changing caused by water). Hypercolor (change when touched). Metallics (which have a metal flake finish). Glow in the Dark (glow in the dark if placed near light but only in Warm color). Hot Wheels is a brand of die-cast cars, introduced by American toymaker Mattel in 1968. It was the primary competitor of Matchbox until 1996, when Mattel bought Tyco, the then owner of Matchbox. Hot Wheels are die-cast cars and trucks manufactured by Mattel and introduced in 1967. Originally the cars and trucks were manufactured in1:64 scale and designed to be used on associated Hot Wheels track sets. Treasure Hunt sometimes called T-Hunt is a line of Hot Wheels cars, introduced by Mattel in 1995. It consists of 12 cars every year; 15 cars in 2011 one or two released per month as a collector's item. Kmart had its first Hot Wheels collector's event of 2012. As usual you can get exclusive die-cast cars in this collectors day. This was the chance for collectors to open a sealed case with the hope of finding a Treasure Hunt. If you've never been to a Kmart Collector Day event then head over to your favorite K location on Kmart Collector's Cars Day Event. Hot Wheels é uma marca de carrinhos de brinquedo de metal die-cast, introduzida pela indústria de brinquedos Mattel em 1968. Foi o primeiro competidor da Matchbox até 1996, quando a Mattel adquiriu os direitos sobre a marca Matchbox da Tyco. Click to watch other videos from color changers Octo Battle playset Ramone House of Body Art Cars2 Splash Speedway Track Cars2 Toy Story Slide n Surprise playground Toy Story color splash part 1 Toy Story color splash part 2 Doc Hudson color changer color changer, color shifter, color splash, color changers, Monster Jam, color shifters. Bubble-Matic Car Wash, these are awesome toys !!! toy review "Kmart Cars Collectors Event diecast 2012" "Hot Wheels Kmart collectors event 2012" Category: Entertainment Tags: Hot Wheels blucollection hotwheels Mattel toys Mattel color changers Mattel color shifters color shifters color changers cars custom color shifter multi-color creature extreme 2012 Kmart water revealers color shifters creatures hotwheelscollectors grave digger grinder monster jam king krunch Madusa monster jam Monster jam color shifters toys Monster Jam color changer shifter color splash octobattle Medusa Bubble-Matic Bubble-Matic Car Wash 746775111854 collector

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