Thursday, August 9, 2012

Shake n go cars Spongebob Patrick Woody RC Buzz Lightyear Nascar Launcher Disney Pixar

Hello youtube and Disney fans, here we have new shake and go cars from Disney Pixar Toy Story Woody with RC and Buzz Lightyear as well as Spongebob, Patrick and launcher truck of Nascar Jeff Gordon. Super cool launcher by the way!! Just found these cool talking cars from Fisher-Price and Mattel called "shake n go" from Disney Pixar Cars, Cars 2 and Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales. All shakeNgo cars will have their own specific engine sounds and 2 phrases that will be activated as kids SHAKE the cars to rev them up & then watch them GO..!!! Just shake 'em up to start their engines; each one says memorable phrases from the movie complete with fun engine sounds! The more you shake them, the further they go. Race them on the Shake 'n Go Speedway. click to watch the video: woody, buzz lightyear, shake and go, cars, vehicles, Fisher Price, Mattel, racers, race, racing, toy story, spongebob, patrick, talking toys, pizza planet, todd, exclusive, expo, showroom, blucollection, Fisher-Price, talking spongebob, launchers, launcher, pitstop. "Shake n go cars" "Shake n Go" "Shake and go Cars 2" "Walt Disney" "Mater's tall tales" "Shake n Go Cars Toon" "Shake n Go" "Shake n Go Cars 2" "Disney Pixar toys" "Disney Cars 2" "Disney Pixar Cars" "Pixar Cars diecast" "Pixar Cars die-cast" "Cars Land" "Pixar Toys" "Disney toys" "Disneyland" "Cars 2 Fisher Price" "Mattel Cars 2 toys" "talking toys" "talking cars" "talking spongebob" "shake n go Doc Hudson" "Shake n go Toy Story" "shake n go bling bling Lightning Mcqueen" "shake n go Dinoco Lightning Mcqueen" "Cars Toon Mater's tall tales" "shake n go whee-hoo Mater" "shake n go rescue squad Mater" "toy channel" "Disney toys review" "Pixar toys review" "Disney cars channel" "Pixar cars channel" "limited edition" "shake n go Mattel" "shake n go Fisher-Price" toys pizza planet Todd Woody Jessie Buzz Lightyear Nascar Jeff Gordon Patrick Spongebob Mattel Fisher-Price race racing Toy Story shake n go shake n go cars cars Cars pizza planet Mack hauler nascar toystory truck launcher launchers

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