Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cars 2 WGP Limited Edition Lightning McQueen 1:18 Scale World Grand Prix International Chrome

From the international WGP Lightning McQueen collection, this is the limited edition world grand prix Lightning McQueen in a fantastic 1:18 scale die-cast exclusive from disneystore.co.uk sold at Disney stores in UK for 50 pounds and in France Germany for 60 euros. This is a limited edition diecast of only 500 designed by the artist Adam Colp with an exclusive paint job to celebrate the world grand prix race. The graphics represent 12 countries like Japan, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Canada, USA, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Ireland and Spain. This international Saetta McQueen is silver matte on the sides with yellow flames and red metallic finish. The top, hood and spoiler are all black matte with 95 and WGP in silver. The "hudson hornet piston cup" logo has the same design w/ different colors. He has movable synthetic rubber tires, working headlights taillights and movable roof flaps. This diecast measures 10 inches long by 5 inches wide and weights 2.5 lbs. Comes with COA and signed mini poster. Similar to the D23 Expo Chrome Lights Mcqueen. This car was based on the 12 international mcqueen from 12 countries. Item # 411034598348P

• World Grand Prix Diecast
• Limited edition of only 500
• Scale 1:18 diecast made of metal.
• Includes Certificate of Authenticity.
• Requires 3 x LR44/AG13 batteries (included)
• Exclusive to Disneystore Europe.

11 World Grand Prix racers from Cars 2.
01 Lightning McQueen
02 Francesco Bernoulli
03 Jeff Gorvette
04 Lewis Hamilton
05 Max Schnell
06 Raoul ÇaRoule
07 Carla Veloso
08 Shu Todoroki
09 Nigel Gearsley
10 Miguel Camino
11 Rip Clutchgoneski

Racer Lightning McQueen is also called "Bliksem Mcqueen" "Saetta mcqueen" "Lynet McQueen" "Rayo McQueen" "Flash Mcqueen" "Blixten McQueen" "Faísca McQueen" "Blesk McQueen" "Молния МакКуин" "Relâmpago Mcqueen"

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Here's how Cars2 is called in other countries:
"Arabalar 2" "Auta 2" "Auti 2" "Automobili 2" "Autod 2" "Autot 2" "Bilar 2" "Bilar 2" "Cars 2" "Carros 2" "Les Bagnoles 2" "Mankanebi 2" "Masini 2" "Ratai 2" "Тачки 2" "Tachky 2" "Verdák 2"  "Les Bagnoles animées" "Cars Motori Ruggenti" "Cars Quatre roues" "Bujdy na research" "Hooks unglaubliche Geschichten" "Байки Мэтра"

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Cars2 motorized mack mater from takaratomy tomica.
"Miniature Flash McQueen en édition limitée" "Auto McQueen in limitierter Edition"

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