Monday, December 24, 2012

14 Pixar Cars Holiday Edition Mater Saves Christmas Diecasts Story-Tellers Collection Santa Disney

Happy Holidays Everybody. Today I'm gonna show you 3 gift packs of "mater saves Christmas" from the storytellers collection. This is my entire and complete xtmas cars collection. Package one has 6 diecast cars with an exclusive diecast of reindeer mater. Package two was sold only at Target and comes with 5 die-cast cars. Package three is exclusive from toys"R"us and comes with 3 cars including Santamobile. All these 14 cars are 1:55 scale diecasts original from mattel perfect for 2012 Christmas present. In this video I'm also showing the Disney book Mater saves Christmas, 48 pages.

Package 01 is from toys"R"us and comes with:
"Santa car", "whee-hoo winter mater" and "holiday hotshot lightning McQueen".
UPC 027084970814

Package 02 is from Target and comes with:
"Christmas cruiser Ramone", "holiday hotshot lightning McQueen", holiday at-tire Luigi, "holiday at-tire Guido" and fuel-tide-cheer-fillmore.
UPC 027084970821

Package 03 comes with 6 cars:
"Christmas cruiser ramone", "decked out doc Hudson", "snow day sally", "holiday hotshot lightning McQueen", "reindeer mater" and "holiday spirit mater".
UPC 027084827811

Also available sold separately as a single-package:
Exclusive "holiday spirit sheriff" in green color.
"Snowplow Holiday Lightning McQueen".

There's a fuel bandit on the loose in Radiator Springs, and that means the postal trucks can't deliver the Christmas letters to Santa! But Mater is determined to get his letter to Santa. Luckily, Fillmore has just enough gasoline for Mater and McQueen to travel to the North Pole to save the day!
ISBN-10: 1423165705
ISBN-13: 978-1423165705

Music by Kevin Macleod

Disney Pixar Cars is also called in other countries:
Autogrotesky, Arabalar, Auta, Auti, Automobili, Autod, Autot, Biler, Bilar, Carros, Mankanebi, Masini, Ratai, Тачки, Tachky, Verdák, カーズ "Cars Quatre roues" "Les Bagnoles" "Cars Motori ruggenti" "Les bagnoles animées" "Bujdy na research" "Hooks unglaubliche Geschichten" "fuel tide cheer fillmore" "disney toons"

Thanks for watching blucollection videos. Happy Holidays everybody.

"cars 2 hallmark Christmas ornaments"

"Santa car" "whee-hoo winter mater" and "holiday hotshot lightning McQueen" "Christmas cruiser Ramone" "holiday hotshot lightning McQueen" "holiday at-tire Luigi" "holiday at-tire Guido" "fuel-tide-cheer-fillmore" "Christmas cruiser ramone" "decked out doc Hudson" "snow day sally" "holiday hotshot lightning McQueen" "reindeer mater" "holiday spirit mater" "whee hoo holiday mater" "cars 2 hallmark christmas ornaments" "mater saves christmas" "cars toon" "cars toons" "disney toons".