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2013 Cars 2 Piston Cup 7-Cars Pack Diecasts Target Exclusive Lightning McQueen Disney Pixar toys

From Disney Pixar Cars 2, here's a brand new 2013 package with 7-cars called "piston cup 7-car gift pack" exclusive from Target sold for $25.00 - In this package you'll find 4 piston cup racers: Lightning McQueen, The King, Chick Hicks and Bruce. And also 3 fans, Kit Revster, Coriander Widetrack and Polly Puddlejumper. All these 7 vehicles are 1:55 scale die-cast cars original from Mattel toys.

UPC 746775267544

Lightning McQueen races for Rust-eze, he is also called "Bliksem Mcqueen" "Saetta mcqueen" "Lynet McQueen" "Rayo McQueen" "Flash Mcqueen" "Blixten McQueen" e "Faísca McQueen" e "Blesk McQueen" "Молния МакКуин" "Relâmpago Mcqueen" e "Zygzaka McQueen".

The King, also called Strip Weathers, races for the team Dinoco.

Chick Hicks # 86 races for hTB, which stands for hostile Takeover Bank.

Brush Curber is #56 and races for Fiber Fuel.

"Kit Revster" is this burgundy mini-van with a pistoncup mini trophy is attending  the biggest race of the decade at the Los Angeles International Speedway.

"Coriander Widetrack"
Young Coriander Widetrack has no interest in racing; her eyes are on the skies. Her dream is to someday meet her idol, jet fighter Marco. She even carries a mini plane of him as a souvenir.

"Polly Puddlejumper"
Polly Puddlejumper is the number one fan of racer The King.

Just so you know, there are 3 die-cast sizes:
Mattel releases 1:55 scale die-cast cars.
Tomy Tomica releases 1:64 scale (same as hot wheels).
Disneystore releases 1:43 scale cars.

There are many new toys, playset and launchers from cars 2 available in toy stores like Target, Toysrus TRU and Disneystore, like the cars 2 mega mack playtown, cars 2 mega mack raceworld, Piston Cup 500 racetrack, spy jet escape track set, the Tokyo spinout track set, and Barrel Blowout track set, make-a-face mater, make-a-face lightning mcqueen, action agents, the mega value track set, micro-drifters, Colossus car-chomping, screaming banshee, Rip Clutchgoneski pit stop, quick changers speedway, falcon hawk, air mater, radiator springs classic, radiator springs racers, hawk mater, hawk McQueen, micro drifters launcher, micro drifters speedway, cars screaming banshee, micro drifters Colossus, micro drifters cars, black stealth mater, tomy big loader, takaratomy, tomica, tomy, mega mack playtown, mega mack raceworld, stunt racers and others.

Here's how Cars2 is called in other countries:
"Arabalar 2" "Auta 2" "Auti 2" "Automobili 2" "Autod 2" "Autot 2" "Bilar 2" "Bilar 2" "Cars 2" "Carros 2" "Les Bagnoles 2"  "Mankanebi 2" "Masini 2" "Ratai 2" "Тачки 2" "Tachky 2" "Verdák 2"  "カーズ 2" "Les Bagnoles animées" "Cars Motori Ruggenti" "Cars Quatre roues" "Bujdy na research"

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Big Loader mack transporter from takaratomy tomica.

Pixar Cars Watch Mater Eaten by Screaming Banshee

Radiator Springs playtown from Pixar cars.

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