Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Top 10 MOST WANTED Blu-ray Contest

hey everybody, this is my very first contest, hope you have fun, any questions feel free to ask me.. and good luck to you all.!!

Rules are:
01) you must be a subscriber!
02) post a comment in the "comment box below" telling me your TOP 10 Most Wanted (Never Released) blu-ray Titles and get one entry! Your favorite blu-ray wishlist, not yet released but you would love to see it released in BD.
03) post a comment (ANY COMMENT) in any of the links below and get one entry for each link!
04) or make a Video-Response to "this video" with YOUR TOP 10 MOST WANTED (Never Released) BLU-RAY movies and get 5 entries!!! For Video-Responses, just go to the comment-box and click "Create a video-response" and then Upload your Video.. its pretty easy..
05) deadline is feb 28th, drawing is march 01st, 5 winners
06) Winners: First name gets first title, second name gets second title and so on..

My TOP 10 MOST WANTED Movies in BLU-RAYS are:
01) Streets of Fire
02) SING (1989)
03 Indiana Jones Collection
04) Seven brides for seven brothers
05) Ladyhawke
06) The Ring
07) Footloose
08) Taxi (Luc Besson)
09) What lies beneath
10) The Birdcage
I did not forget Star Wars. I did not mention because we all know its coming out september 2011.

1st prize = BD Resident Evil Afterlife Steelbook NEW
2nd prize = BD Nanny McGhee - import NEW region ALL
3rd prize = BD Matrix - import - region all - open box
4th prize = BD Open Season - open box
5th prize = BD Red - Movie Only- open box

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