Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pixar Disney CARS TOON DieCast from Mater's Tall Tales 20 Die Cast Cars

1:55 Die Cast Car 4-pack from Disney Cars Toon. Each of these nicely detailed die-cast Cars look exactly like the ones in the Cars Toon Mater's Tall Tales. A real collector's item for any Disney Pixar fan!!!

Rescue Squad Mater
- Rescue Squad Mater
- Rescue Squad Chopper
- Dalmatian Mia
- Dalmatian Tia

Rescue Squad Mater
- Burnt Lightning McQueen
- Dr. Mater
- Nurse Mia
- Nurse Tia

Mater the Greater
- Lug
- Rocket Mater
- Mater Fan Mia
- Mater Fan Tia

Heavy Metal Mater
- Rocky & Eddie
- Heavy Metal Mater
- Heavy Metal Lightning McQueen

Mater the Greater
- Daredevil McQueen
- Mater the Aviator
- Lug
- Props McGee

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