Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toy Story 3 Talking Buzz Lightyear Ultimate Review from Pixar

Here's my Buzz Lightyear action figure.
Just like in the movie, this walking, talking, programmable Ultimate Buzz Lightyear thinks he's a real ''Space Ranger'' that has crash-landed on a strange planet. That is, until you tell him that he's just a toy and his behavior changes! Your favorite Space Ranger can really walk and talk, and he's packed with a range of speech and motion features to keep you and your friends engaged to infinity and beyond! Over 100 sayings in the original character's voice7 powerful motors for eyes, mouth, head, arms, waist and leg movementWith voice command feature, Buzz responds to the phrases ''Space Ranger,'' ''Fire Laser,'' ''Salute,'' ''Star Command,'' and ''To Infinity and Beyond!''
Wireless infrared motion control works up to 20 feet. Buzz can really walk! He turns, shoots arm laser, talks to arm communicator.. Its a really nice collector's item for any child or adult..

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