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Pizza Planet is a fictional pizza restaurant that appears in all Toy Story films as well as all Pixar movies with the exception of The Incredibles. In the film, it is a large, sci-fi-themed restaurant with arcade games including the entrance robot guards. The company runs a fleet of derelict Toyota Hilux pickup trucks (as evidenced by the inscription on the tailgate; it is a Toyota inscription with the "YO" and "TA" worn off so it simply appears as "YO") with a rocket on the roof featuring the restaurant's logo, as seen in Toy Story, Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 There is a Pizza Planet reference in every Pixar feature film to date except for the film The Incredibles. This is 1:55 scale.

"Pizza Planet Appearances"
- Toy Story - At the Dinoco gas station.
- Toy Story 2 - In the Cutting Boulevard apartment parking lot.
- Lotso, Chuckles, and Big Baby ride on a Pizza Planet truck's rear bumper in the rain at night to get from Daisy's house to Sunnyside Daycare.
- UP - Seen in the parking lot behind the curb where Russell and Carl are sitting at the end.
- Ratatouille - On a bridge in the background of the document chase scene
- Wall-E - Briefly seen when EVE scans it for plant life.
- Cars - At the Los Angeles International Speedway at the title deciding race. His name is Todd.
- Cars 2 - The Pizza Planet truck has been spotted in the Cars 2 triptych poster, in the middle London portion, near a fountain in the background. He also appears at the end of film, as one of the spectators of the Radiator Springs Grand Prix.

This Pizza Planet truck has a yellow coat of paint overall, although it is usually quite faded and peeling, dented, The hatch on top is white, and the rear bumper is a dark grey

The back of the truck reads "YO", which, in combination with its overall appearance, shows strong evidence that the truck is in fact a Toyota (possibly Hilux model) truck

The Pizza Planet truck appears in every Pixar film except for The Incredibles. Lee Unkrich confirmed on a Q&A site linked to his Twitter account that the Pizza Planet truck does not appear in The Incredibles. In addition, a Disney press release related to Pixar's 25th anniversary stated the truck does not appear in The Incredibles
Pizza Planet restaurants at Walt Disney World, Disney Hollywood Studios and Disneyland Paris are named after the site in the film and are designed to resemble it.
This is an awesome Disney Pixar Toy !!!

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  1. you so messed up the "yo", "ta", etc. read it again--if YO and TA were gone, it would be TO----your wife must have marketed it and edited it!