Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cars 2 Ramone's House of Body Art Color Changers Playset Paint Shop Ramones how-to Demo

Here's the unboxing of this Disney Pixar Cars 2 Color Changers playset called "Ramone's House of Body Art" which is a lot different from Color shifters and Color Splash Speedway. This is an Exclusive set! Each color changer car changes color with warm and icy cold water immediately for double the fun. NO waiting time! Kids can take their favorite cars from the film and with a quick dunk, watch the magic happen! From Disney Pixar and Mattel Drive in to Ramone House of Body Art and drive out with a brand new paint job. Squeeze and Spray gun Water Tank! Working elevator! Slide ramp! Color-Change Splash Zone! Spinning color-change station! Spin and spray with icy water to change color! Also comes with one Color Changer Ramone car and also includes warm and cold dunk tanks to trick out your Cars Color Shifters. Disney Pixar Cars Ramone's House of Body Art Color Shifters Playset. Every car in Radiator Springs knows when you want a sweet new custom paint job you make tracks to Ramone paintshop. Just so you know, tap water was not cold enough to activate the change, but icy water worked perfectly well. Warm water straight from the tap did well for changing the color back to its original paint job. These small plastic toy cars come set to their "warm" color of body paint. Kids can dunk them in icy cold water, and cars will change their color to "cold" color. The car then stays that color until its dipped in warm water. Kids can change the cars back and forth indefinitely, and the bodies of the cars are made of plastic, so they will never rust. They change colors immediately, there is no waiting time. Children ages 3 and up should have no trouble mastering the ability to change the paint jobs on these cars back and forth with water. In fact once they get started, it may be difficult to get them to stop. If a parent is willing to spread some towels out and give kids access to a bowl or two of water, children can amuse themselves for hours!!! "Disney Pixar Cars Color Changers Ramone House of Body Art" These color changers cars are awesome !!! Only to be used with plastic color changers cars! Do not use diecast vehicles. Ramone's House of Body Art is a shop in Radiator Springs owned by Ramone. He paints cars, and adds decals to cars. Radiator Springs was founded by a steam car named Stanley in 1909, and a statue of him is outside the town courthouse. Later, Stanley married Lizzie. After Stanley died, more people came to live in Radiator Springs, and the town grew. It was a popular rest area where almost all cars would stop to shop and fill their gas tank. However, in the the early 1960's, Interstate 40 was built near Radiator Springs, which greatly decreased traffic for Radiator Springs, since the Interstate bypassed the town. In 2006, famous racecar Lightning McQueen destroyed the town's main road in a hurry to get to a Piston Cup race in Los Angeles, California, and was arrested for 5 days to fix the road. Lightning soon became friends with the Radiator Springs populace, and after his race, he set up a racing headquarters in the town, and the town started to grow again. color changer, color changers, color shifters, hot wheels, playset, color blaster, Disney Pixar cars, Disney Pixar cars 2, speedway, color changing toys, "Disney Pixar Color Changers" "diecast colors changers" "die-cast colors changers" Disneycollector Blucollection "Disney Pixar die-cast" "die-cast Cars" "Cars Collection" "Disney Pixar Cars Collection" "die-cast collection" "diecast collection" "Pixar Cars Colors Changers" "Color Changers" "Colors Changers" "Color Changers Ramone" "Color Changers Ramone's" "House of Body Art" "Ramone's house body art" "diecast color changers" "Relâmpago McQueen" "Ramone House Body Art" "Color changers playset" "Cars 2 diecast" "Cars 2 die-cast" "Cars 2 die cast" toychannel toyreviews "toy channel" "toy review" "toys review" Disneypixar "Disney toys" "Pixar toys" "Disney toy review" "brinquedos carros 2" brinquedos "brinquedos Disney" "Cars 2 playset" "Toy collector" "Pixar Cars diecast" toys "Coleção carrinhos Carros 2" "color change" "cars color change" "Radiator Springs Ramone" Disney Pixar Color Changers die-cast colors changers Disneycollector blucollection Disney Pixar die-cast die-cast Cars 2 Disney Pixar Cars Collection Ramone's paint shop Radiator Springs Ramone Pixar Cars 2 Colors Changers Color Changer Color Changers Ramone Color Changers Ramone's House of Body Art Ramone's house body art diecast color changers Ramone House Body Art Color changers playset demo how-to Ramones Ramone's paintshop paint shop

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