Monday, June 25, 2012

Hawk Lightning McQueen from Air Mater Cars Toon Take Flight Toy Review Mater's tall tales

Hello youtube friends, i just found this super awesome toy at toysRus. Its called Hawk Lightning McQueen from Take Flight collection. This is an interactive flying buddy with over 75 phrases and sounds, but try-me mode only has 15 phrases. Lightning McQueen Hawk transforms instantly from a regular race car into a super cool airplane with wings. In driving mode Lightning McQueen has driving sounds and phrases, once transformed into a plane, he reveals rocker booster lights and fun projectiles. Lightning McQueen Hawk features built-in sensors that allow him to know how kids are playing with him. His phrases and sound effects respond to kids' movement. Just barrel roll and he speaks other phrases. Kids will love reliving animated scenes and creating new air-ventures with this beloved character. UPC 746775072896 ASIN: B007RDGGBK model number: W7215 Learn more about McQueen and Mater Hawk at:'s_Tall_Tales This "Hawk Lightning McQueen" is from a Cars Toon episode called Air Mater. A tow service leads Mater to Propwash Junction, a town of Disney planes. Amazed by all these flying machines, Mater gets interested in learning how to fly when he sees Skipper Flight School, which has a sign that says they could teach anyone. After learning how to fly, he learns himself to fly backwards and amazes a group of stunt planes known as the Falcon Hawks. Since one of them has sprained their wing during practice for a stunt show, they ask Mater to take place of the injured plane. He accepts and becomes "Hawk Mater" the stunt planes new member. Lightning McQueen, also a stunt plane, helps Mater at one point when he is in trouble. When Lightning asks Mater what he did, Mater replies, "Oh, you remember, Lightning McQueen Hawk!" You was there, too!". Mater's Tall Tales or A Cars Toon is an American animated short television series by Pixar featuring the characters Mater and Lightning McQueen from the film Cars and Cars2. The series' first broadcast on Toon Disney, Disney Channel and ABC Family. Not exclusive to television, the episodes have also premiered as theatrical shorts, such as with the 2008 film Bolt. On November 2, 2010, the series was released on DVD and Blu-ray featuring 2 brand new episodes. So far have been released 10 episodes; 3 in season 1, 6 in season 2 and the latest episode 10 in season 3 called "Air Mater" and "Time Travel Mater". The newest episode "Time travel Mate" started june 04 2012 on Disney XD channel. All of the Cars Toons follow the same tall tale formula: Mater tells a story of something he has done in the past. Each story includes Mater, Lightning McQueen, Mia and Tia and various Luigi's pit crew forklifts. Each episode's opening sequence has Mater popping out of his garage and declaring to the audience, If I'm lyin', I'm cryin'!! "Cars toon blu-ray dvd episodes" 01 "Rescue Squad Mater" 02 "Mater The Greater" 03 "El Materdor" 04 "(U.F.M.) Unidentified Flying Mater" 05 "Tokyo Mater" 06 "Monster Truck Mater" 07 "Heavy Metal Mater" 08 "Moon Mater" 09 "Mater Private Eye" 10 "Air Mater" 11 "Time Travel Mater" The newest episodes from season 3 of Cars Toon are "Air Mater" and "Time Travel Mater". Muita diversão com esse veículo personagem do filme "Cars Toon As Grandes Histórias do Mate". Encaixe no disparador e aperte o botão para o Astronauta Mate correr mais rápido do que nunca. Quanto mais forte apertar o botão mais rápido seu personagem corre! Disparador Carros 2 Mattel Mate Lunático chamado Astronauta Mate na qual Mate se transforma num astronauta e parte numa divertida viagem até a lua para resgatar Relampago Mcqueen. Episodio do dvd e blu-ray chamado Cars Toon Os Contos do Mate da Disney. Episódios de "Os Contos de Mate" 01. Esquadrão de Resgate do Mate 02. Super Mate o grande 03. Mate Caminhão Monstro 04. Mate Lunático na Lua 05. Mate Voador Não Identificado 06. O Mate-dor 07. Mate o Detective 08. Heavy Metal Mate 09. Tóquio Mate 10. Mate Aéreo 11. Time Travel Mate Мэтр на луне, Мэтр на Луне, короткометражка из серии, Байки Мэтра, Байки Мэтра, os contos de Mate, Аэро-Мэтр. "Blesk McQueen" "Flash McQueen" "Saetta McQueen" "Zygzak McQueen" "Молния Маккуин" Relâmpago "Bliksem McQueen" "Аэро Мэтр" "Lynet McQueen" "Blixten McQueen" "Fulger McQueen" "молния маквин" "Молния Маккуин" "Hawk McQueen" "Hawk Lightning McQueen" "Cars Toon Mater's tall tales" "Air Mater" "Cars Toon air Mater" toys blucollection Hawk Lightning McQueen Rayo Flash Disney Pixar тачки Мэтр Relâmpago Cars Toons Mater's Tall Tales Saetta McQueen Молния МакКуин Дисней Автомобили 2 Тачки 2 молния маквин молния маквин мультфильм take flight air mater Falcon hawks skipper flying interactive talking toy funny wiki cars toon Байки Мэтра os contos de Mate carrinhos Аэро-Мэтр Mate Aéreo

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