Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cars 2 Crabby Boat Quick Changers Spy Deluxe from TRU "Toys R us" Disney Figure

Hello youtube and all Disney Pixar fans, from quick changers spy collection here we have Crabby the boat deluxe from Mattel toys. I found "Crabby boat quick changers" at toysrus but its also available at Target and Amazon.com - This is not a die-cast. This is a plastic push boat and not a water toy. Quick Changer cars are sold separately. Sells for about $10 dollars. The only die-cast from Crabby Boat is from Disneystore.com - Check out the video by clicking this link: UPC: 746775102265 X0623 Pixar has released another new character in Cars 2 called "Crabby the Boat" You may remember him from the beginning of the Cars 2 trailer out on the ocean carrying Finn McMissile. He will be voiced by Sig Hansen, the actual Captain of the Northwestern boats on his Discovery TV Show "Deadliest Catch". Crabby Boat whole design is based after Sig Hansen's boats, with the word Northwestern on his sides and the initials in the front "SH", standing for Sig Hansen's father named Sverre Hansen, who built the Northwestern boat. Crabby is a crab-catching boat who works in the Northern Pacific. He gets payed by Finn McMissile to take him to a precise location. However, after getting at the determined place, a big battleship intercepts him and prompts him to get away. Crabby is forced to obey, without noticing Finn has left him and jumped on the battleship. Crabby's design is based off of Captain Sig Hansen's actual boat, the "Northwestern" that is on his Deadliest Catch show. The "Piston Cup 500" was a Piston Cup race held in the summer of 2006 in Cars. It began at the Motor Speedway of the South, where The King, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen tied three-way. A tiebreaker 200-lap race was held a week later, at the Los Angeles International Speedway. A total of 36 racers competed in the series and 3 tracks are known. Cars is a 3D computer animated film produced by Pixar and directed by John Lasseter featuring voices by Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt. Check out: Disneycollectorbr, thetoychannel, toyreviews, SeanxLong, wikicars2, wikicars, timetoplaymag, wiki/cars_toon, wiki/cars_2. "Та́чки 2" "Biler 2" "Auta Odcinek" "Les bagnoles 2" "Bilar 2" "Masini 2" "autos de metal" "voitures de metal" "carrinhos de metal" Cars Land is a theme park in Disney California Adventure Park of the Disneyland Resort, inspired by the 2006 animated 3D Disney·Pixar film, Cars and Cars 2. Has the folowing attractions: Luigi's Flying Tires, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Radiator Springs Racers. In Cars 2 Lightning McQueen is racing for the first ever in the World Grand Prix. After his latest win, Lightning McQueen returns home to enjoy life with girlfriend Sally, best friend Mater and the rest of his Radiator Springs friends. In Cars 2 Lightning McQueen sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. Lightning Relampago Mcqueen have been released in Cars, Cars Toons and Cars 2 die-cast, launchers and tracks. The racers are chosen by Miles Axlerod to promote his new wonderful fuel Allinol. Rip Clutchgoneski is the only racer who is not seen with a pit crew chief. Rip Clutchgoneski may be a Formula One Racing Car. There are so many awesome Cars 2 and Cars Toon tracks, launchers and playsets as well as die-cast cars available in toy stores like Toysrus and Disneystore, such as the Mack Truck playset, fire truck RED, Radiator Springs Ramone die-cast, Radiator Springs Sally, Holley Shiftwell with Wings, the remote control Finn McMissile, the great Tokyo Spinout Track Set, the Barrell Blowout Playset, the Pull Back and Release Finn McMissile, Spy Jet Escape, Carla Veloso pit stop, Siddeley the Spy Jet Transporter, quick changers, mega track value set, Piston Cup 500 track and many more! Disney Pixar Mattel blucollection toys figure figures showroom ign toy Cars2 wiki carrinhos brinquedos diecast die-cast tots Carros 2 Cars 2 new characters voitures autos metal Piston Cup 500 toychannel chase review pressofuso druckguss Та́чки 2 Biler 2 Les bagnoles 2 Bilar 2 Masini Crabby boat quick changers Northwestern Crabby takefiveaday Captain Sig Hansen Deadliest Catch TV television Boat quick changers changer transforming playing action agents action agents

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