Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cars 2 Flash Jan Nilsson from Disney Super Chase Mattel Bilar 2 from Sweden

Hello youtubers, here's the newest die-cast of Mattel called Flash. He's a racer from Sweden and his name is Jan "Flash" Nilsson. He is the racer that Lightning McQueen meets at the World Grand Prix welcome party and he only appears in the Swedish dvd blu-ray version of Cars 2. This is a 1:55 scale die-cast original from Mattel. His entire body is the same as Max Schnell. As a matter of fact Max Schnell's body was reused for all 6 super Chase vehicles like: Vitaly Petrov, Frosty Winterbottom, Memo Rojas Jr., Flash, Fernando Alonso and Long Ge. A total of super chase 4 Cars will be released in Spring 2012. These CARS Super Chase die-cast vehicles are being produced in limited quantities but will be sold in all toy stores like Target, Walmart and ToysRus and will retail for $3.99 John Lasseter Unveiled New Cars 2 Collectible At Disney D23 Expo in 2011. This Limited Edition Super Chase Cars Collection will be available in 2012. John Lasseter received a gift from Mattel Executive Tim Kilpin, EVP Mattel Brands of the first very Super Chase Cars 2 Jan "Flash" Nilsson. "Flash" is so exclusive, it only appears in the Swedish version of the film Cars 2. Did you know that Pixar decided to make 7 different versions of the movie Cars 2 to include racers from 7 different countries. But dont worry, the movie is exactly the same, just this particular scene at the Tokyo welcome party has been changed, instead of Jeff Gorvette there are 7 other racers. For example. In Sweden Mcqueen talks to Flash. In Mexico Mcqueen talks to Memo Rojas. In Australia Mcqueen talks to Mark Winterbottom. In Russia Mcqueen talks to Vitaly Petrov. In Spain Mcqueen talks to Fernando Alonso. In China Mcqueen talks to Long Ge. and in Brazil Mcqueen talks to Carla Veloso. The "Piston Cup 500" was a Piston Cup race held in the summer of 2006 in Cars. It began at the Motor Speedway of the South, where The King, Chick Hicks, and Lightning McQueen tied three-way. A tiebreaker 200-lap race was held a week later, at the Los Angeles International Speedway. A total of 36 racers competed in the series and 3 tracks are known. Cars is a 3D computer animated film produced by Pixar and directed by John Lasseter featuring voices by Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, Paul Newman and Bonnie Hunt. Check out: Disneycollectorbr, jeepersmedia, thetoychannel, toyreviews, SeanxLong, wikicars2, wikicars2, timetoplaymag, wiki/cars_toon, wiki/cars_2. Cars Land is a theme park in Disney California Adventure Park of the Disneyland Resort, inspired by the 2006 animated 3D Disney·Pixar film, Cars and Cars 2. Has the folowing attractions: Luigi's Flying Tires, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Radiator Springs Racers. In Cars 2 Lightning McQueen is racing for the first ever in the World Grand Prix. After his latest win, Lightning McQueen returns home to enjoy life with girlfriend Sally, best friend Mater and the rest of his Radiator Springs friends. In Cars 2 Lightning McQueen sets off to Japan, Italy and England with Mater in tow for the adventure of a lifetime. Lightning Relampago Mcqueen have been released in Cars, Cars Toons and Cars 2 die-cast, launchers and tracks. The racers are chosen by Miles Axlerod to promote his new wonderful fuel Allinol. Rip Clutchgoneski is the only racer who is not seen with a pit crew chief. Rip Clutchgoneski may be a Formula One Racing Car. Bilar 2 (Cars 2) är en amerikansk animerad actionfilm producerad av Pixar, och är uppföljaren till Bilar. Blixten McQueen är en kaxig racerbil som är på väg till Los Angeles för att delta i tävlingen Pistongcupen. Efter ett missöde på motorvägen råkar han braka in i det lilla samhället Kylarköping och ställa till stor oreda och förstörelse. Som straff måste han göra samhällstjänst och rätta till allt som han ställt till med. Den självgode bilen vill bara till tävlingen han var på väg till när olyckan var framme. Men för att få göra det måste han lära sig vad det betyder att respektera Kylarköping och dess befolkning. Radiator Springs Playtown playset http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z81PCu69wcY Cars Radiator Springs Curio shop playset http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qSLLy4PSO4 Category: Entertainment Tags: Disney Pixar Mattel Cars2 blucollection Flash super chase Jan Flash Nilsson Cars 2 ign toys turntable D23 expo convention Jon Lasseter rare collectible collector's Max Schnell limited edition exclusive Swedish version Sweden Russia Mexico Australia China Spain Brasil Brazil racer racers race Pistongcupen Blixten McQueen autos de metal voitures de metal racing Memo Rojas Vitaly Petrov Mark Winterbottom toy Saetta McQueen John Lassetire Long Ge Jan Nilsson

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