Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Biggest blu-ray update EVER! Day One NEW Blu Ray Release August 02, 2011

Hey guys, welcome to my blu-ray collection and yet to another "blu-ray update of the week" I guess I am addicted to blu-ray! In my channel you're always gonna get blu-ray movies released day-one! So today august 02, 2011 is blu-ray madness with 10 different titles, biggest update ever! I also got Narnia and Ice Age in 3D from Best Buy.

01) Spy Kids blu-ray
02) Spy Kids 2 blu-ray
03) Spy Kids 3 blu-ray
04) Conan the Barbarian blu-ray
05) Conan the Destroyer blu-ray
06) SOUL SURFER blu-ray
07) The Name of the Rose blu-ray
08) Final Destination 3D blu-ray
09) Narnia 3D blu-ray Voyage of the Dawn Treader
10) Ice Age 3D blu-ray Dawn of the Dinosaurs


Spy Kids blu ray
Spy Kids blu-ray
Conan Barbarian blu ray
Conan Barbarian blu-ray
Conan Destroyer blu ray
Conan Destroyer blu-ray
huge blu-ray update
biggest blu-ray update
biggest blu ray update
blu ray collection
blu-ray collection
Narnia 3D
Ice Age 3D
Final Destination blu-ray 3D
blu-ray 3D

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