Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cars 2 Mack Truck Storage Display Set SQUINKIES Disney Pixar

Make it to the race on time with the New Squinkies Cars 2 Mack Truck Store and Go Dispenser. You can display up to 40 Squinkies inside of Mack trailer. Turn the dial on the rotating stage to show off your favorite Squinkies Cars 2 characters. There's even room to store your Squinkies bubbles inside of the cab! Comes with two exclusive Squinkies characters to add to your collection. ASIN: B00812QLDY Model number: 37207 New squinkies bubble packs for boys featuring your favorite characters from cars 2. Squinkies are squishy, squashy 1 inch collectible figures that come in their very own bubble container. Collect and trade them all. All your favorite Disney Pixar Cars 2 characters as squinkies. Each bubble pack includes 12 different squinkies. Collect them all. Squinkies Cars 2 Bubble Pack Series 1. Squinkies Cars 2 Bubble Pack Series 2. New Squinkies Bubble Packs featuring your favorite characters from the Disney/Pixar Cars 2 movie! You'll find Lightning McQueen, Mater, Guido, Sally, Radiator Springs Ramone, spy Finn, pit crew Doc Hudson, Luigi and more all ready to race around in their very own bubbles. What's squishy, squooshy, and squashy? Squinkies, a new collectible small toys that comes packed in a surprise toy bubble. Pop open the bubble to find the Squinkies surprise inside. (These are reminiscent of the toy machines you see in the grocery stores where the toy comes packaged in a plastic ball.) Squishy to the touch, Squinkies dolls include kitties, puppies, babies, and froggies that are super cute and colorful—perfect collectibles for girls. There are hundreds of Squinkies to collect, trade, and share so girls can create their own world of Squinkies. This series is made up of the items below (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): • BCC9740155-065D8V72071 (Squinkies Cars 2 Mack Truck Store and Go) • BCC9H6803-065D8V7W20 (Squinkies Hello Kitty Dispenser) • BCC9H6I7-065D8V7W06 (Squinkies Disney Celebration Princess + Cinderella) • BCC9H3871-065D8V7W51 (Squinkies Spider-Man Marvel Universe) "Squinkies Cars 2 Mack Truck Store and Go Dispenser". cars 3, awesome new 2012 cars 2 toys, toys for tots, toys blucollection Mack truck storage display Cars 2 Disney Pixar Blip toy Radiator Springs Luigi Guido Ramone Sally Ramones squinkies holiday Christmas presents gifts hot toys Cars 2 new toys boys bliptoys squinkies gumball Blip toys toy review toy channel cars 2 squinkies rubber soft funny fun cute playtime cars 2 hot new toys Cars 2 toys channel Disney toys Disney collectibles storage and display set Mack truck hauler

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