Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cars 2 Quick Changers Oil Rig Ambush playset spy collection Mattel Disney Pixar

Part of the new Quick Changers Spy Collection, here we have the Cars 2 Quick Changers Oil Rig Ambush playset. This playset lets kids re-enact the opening scene of Cars 2, when British spy top secret agent Finn McMissile must escape the lemons from their oil rig hideout located in the middle of the ocean. This super cool playset have three levels of play, and 4 crash zones, including secret hatches, vehicle launcher, and car diverter. Riding down the spiral collapsing ramp activates the double barrel trap. Or close the gate and try to escape using the crush-and-dump feature. There is also a Moving missile turret. Many of these actions activates Finn Mcmissile quick changer feature: his missiles pop out of his hood. This set comes with just one quick changer car from Cars 2, Finn McMissile. This playset also works with all the other quick changers vehicles, which are sold separately. So far there are 8 quick changer cars. More to come soon like: Acer and Mater with pop-out weapons, Holley Shiftwell and Mater with wings, and, Hydrofoil Finn Mcmissile. UPC 746775130268 X4050 This new collection from Disney Pixar Cars 2 called "quick changers" spy race are super cool, expressions change, race damage appear, weapons arm and comes with "try me" packaging. Push button to change their expressions, push button again to repair and they are ready to get back on the race! Or crash him for instant expression change. "quick changers cars 2 collection" "Lightning Mcqueen quick changers crash damage" "Lightning Mcqueen quick changers tongue" "Nigel Gearsley quick changers with crash damage" "Grem quick changers with crash damage" "Mater quick changers with wasabi tongue" "Finn Mcmissile quick changers with karate wheels" "Raoul Caroule quick changers with crash damage" "Francesco Bernoulli quick changers with crash damage" Cars 2 quick changers cars 2 oil rig ambush Cars oil rig ambush blucollection Disney Pixar Mattel Cars2 quick changers Finn Mcmissile quick changer toy review toy channel cars 2 diecast cars 2 die-cast Disney toys channel carrinhos brinquedos kids autos de metal carros 2 brinquedos da Disney crianças diversão hot wheels infantil criança desenho cartoon cars toon coleção colecionador 746775130268

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