Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cars Toon Moon Mater on the Moon Impala 13 Autonaut McQueen Disneystore Diecast XIII

the cars toon new toys are here !! Blucollection video !!! Hello youtube, here we have a 3-pack diecast from Disneystore called Mater on the Moon with 3 new and exclusive die-cast from the Cars Toon Mater's tall tales episode. These are 1:43 scale which is bigger than the usual 1:55 scale from Mattel toys. Sells for $20 at or at Disney stores. Available in US and UK. In Cars Toon Moon Mater episode - "Houston" had a problem. Astronaut, i mean, autonaut Impala XIII is stuck on the moon and needs a tow. No one is certain where to get a tow until Mater shows up at the launch pad. And with a little bit of training at "NASCA", he became an official Auto-naut. Now inside a space shuttle named Roger, Mater blasts off into outer space headed for the moon. Now landing on the moon, Mater spots Impala XIII. Mater connects his hook to the front of Impala XIII and blasts off back to Earth at 17,000 mph, with Impala XIII hanging on to him. Mater then says that 17,000 mph is nothing compared to Lightning, who shows up going at an even faster speed. Lightning, now even slightly lighting on fire, lands by shooting into the ocean, which then Mater does a safer way by using a very big raft and parachute. Now having returned to Earth, Mater and Lightning are celebrated with parades, interviews, and even Moon Mater Day! Roger the Space Shuttle talking toy. Lightning Hawk McQueen talking toy, Rescue Squad Chopper with Marco Stu Bop Moon Mater. Autonaut Mater from Mattel Moon Mater. Autonaut McQueen from Mattel Moon Mater. Category: Entertainment Tags: Disney Pixar Disneystore Mater on the Moon astronaut autonaut Moon Mater Lightning McQueen Impala 13 Impalla XIII man on the moon Apollo XIII Apollo 13 Мэтр на Луне Hook auf dem Mond Martin lunaire NASCA NASA Roger astronauta talking Roger Mate Lunático take flight Les bagnoles animées Les Grands Contes de Martin Space Mission Adventure Cars moon mission Marco toyz Houston we have a problem

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