Wednesday, May 2, 2012

4 Wall Tracks Hot Wheels Launcher Complete Set Launcher from Mattel

Here in this video i'm gonna review 4 different tracks from hot wheels wall tracks, the starter set, daredevil curve, drift rally spinout and downhill flip drop. I love how this set up works, its not messy around the house, you can keep these tracks in the wall for as long as you want and it looks pretty cool. And if you wanna expand and add more tracks later, you can!!! Just build more stunts and action all over your walls. Best of all its safe to the wall using the damage-free 3M command strips. All wall track sets can be used alone or connected to other Wall Tracks sets to increase the fun. The easiest way is to begin with the starter set. Assembly of the Wall Tracks Starter Set is easy with the included instructions poster. They include written and visual descriptions, and the paper also serves as a hanging template, guiding your track placement easily to the correct positions. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks All-In-One Track: Introducing the coolest new place to play, off the floor and onto the wall. Wall Tracks brings stunts, speed, turns, tricks and tracks to new heights. Kids can experience track play from an entirely new perspective and change stunts as they change their rooms. This huge raceway plugs in for nonstop speed, lane switching action and crashing cars. Race over 10 cars at once for the ultimate racing fun. All wall tracks comes with one die-cast 1:64 scale car, command strips and how to build instructions poster. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set UPC 027084950380 V1054 V1053 The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set takes the usual racing systems up off the floor and onto your walls, allowing speeds, stunts, tricks, and turns to reach new levels of intensity and fun. A collection of parts including a diverter switch, flap-ramp, steep drop ramp, and even a 360-degree loop make up this base set. These parts all use the vertical terrain to push the car toward impressive velocity and a new range of tricks that aren't possible on typical floor tracks. The included tracks have a number of path variations built in that our testers enjoyed exploring and testing. This experimentation, along with the vertical expansion of the tracks, inspires creative thinking about the possibilities of extending the tracks to never-before-seen racetrack variations with other Hot Wheels Wall Tracks sets. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Daredevil Curve Track Set UPC 027084950359 V1051 V1049 Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Drift Rally Spinout Track Set UPC 027084950342 V1050 V1049 Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Downhill Flip Drop Track Set UPC 027084950366 V1052 V1049 hot wheels, wall tracks, hot wheels track, Monster Jam Color Shifters Hot Wheels this is an awesome toy for tots boys Category: Entertainment Tags: Drift Rally Spinout Track Set Daredevil Curve Track Set Downhill Flip Drop Track Set Wall Tracks Starter Set hot wheels hot wheels track hot wheels wall tracks blucollection play sets track race racers racing ride toy toys cars tracks raceway pista de corrida carrinhos wall tracks wall track diecast cars die-cast cars die cast cars the starter set drift rally spinout down hill flip drop drift rally spin out complete set launcher launchers how-to speedway

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