Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tokyo Launcher Playset Cars 2 Disney Store Key Launcher Pixar

Recreate the hilarious bathroom scene fromCars 2 involving Tow Mater with this supercharged play set. Insert vehicle into launcher for lights and character phrases, then push the button on back to boost your racer past the Sumo Wrestlers. Sells for $10 dollars at Disney store ( Tow Mater and Grem plastic cars Launcher with lights and sounds Cross ramp with Pinion Tanaka and Kingpin Nobunaga barrier 2 keys with matching character key rings Launcher works with others characters from London playset and Porto Corsa playset Each character speaks one movie phrase. Disneystore, blucollection, brinquedos, Carros2, carrinhos, exclusive, Disney store, launchers, launcher, "Tokyo playset" "Disney store" "carrinhos de brinquedo" "lights and sounds" "Disney Pixar Cars 2" "Cars 2 track" "Cars 2 playset" "Disney cars channel" "Disney cars 2 toys" "Pixar cars 2 toys" "Pixar cars channel" "Cars 2 Key Charger" "cars 2 key launcher" "cars 2 launchers" "cars 2 launcher" "cars 2 race" race racing racers "cars 2 pit stop" "cars 2 playset" "cars 2 track" "cars toon Mater's tall tales" 'cars toon" "Disney cars channel" "Pixar cars channel" "pit stop launchers" Tokyo playset Disney store Disneystore blucollection brinquedos Carros2 carrinhos exclusive carrinhos de brinquedo launcher lights and sounds Disney Pixar Cars 2 Cars 2 track Cars 2 playset Disney cars channel Disney cars 2 toys Pixar cars 2 toys Pixar cars channel Cars 2 Key Charger cars 2 key launcher

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