Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cars 2 Launcher Lightning Mcqueen Tomica shooter box Cars 2 Tomy Takara toys C-15

New release from Tomy Tomica called shooter box Lightning Mcqueen from Takara toys. Comes with one launcher case, one 1:64 scale die-cast all custom painted with different facial expression from the usual 1:55 scale die-cast from Mattel and plastic stickers for the launcher shooter box. The ones from Mattel regular size 1:55 scale also works in this launcher. UPC 4904810404927 ASIN B0054XOY5K IF you have other shooter launcher boxes from Tomica simply connect them together and use one trigger to launch your diecast cars. In this video I'm also gonna show Francesco Bernoulli shooter launcher and Shu Todoroki shooter launcher. Watch them race together. Lightning Mcqueen vs. Francesco Bernoulli vs. Shu Todoroki. ディズニー カーズ トミカ ライトニング・マックィーン シューターボックス タカラトミー Cars 2 Tomica Lightning Mcqueen die-cast Tomy C-31 UPC 4904810408420 ASIN: B004KKX7BK ディズニー カーズ トミカ C-15 ライトニング・マックィーン(ワールドグランプリタイプ) Lightning Mcqueen launcher Mcqueen Tomica shooter Mcqueen Tomica launcher Tomica Cars 2 Tomy Tomica Cars 2 Tomy Takara Cars 2 Takara shooter box Tomica shooter box launcher Shu Todoroki Pixar cars 2 diecast Tomy Tomica Takara Tomy Takara carros2 carros 2 Takara Cars 2 Tomica Cars 2 die-cast launcher blucollection race racing racers Shu Todoroki C-15 カーズ diecast die-cast shooter box C-31 rare takaratomy launchers 4904810404927 Cars 2 (Film) タカラトミー

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