Sunday, May 6, 2012

Rapunzel doll with Flynn Rider doll and Maximus Disney Tangled

found some new dolls from Tangled at Disney store.The Tangled Flynn Rider Doll is dashing in his felt jacket with belt and satchel. Poseable with articulated arms, he's game for hours of fairy-tale playtime. He comes with a doll-sized crown and a child-sized crown to delight your little one. Flynn Rider's horse will gallup his way into your heart! This Tangled Maximus Plush Toy is beautifully detailed with a saddle, blanket and bridle. Like other recent Disney animated features, Tangled is supported in retail stores by a line of toys and other merchandise. Many of the Rapunzel dolls emphasize her hair, while some also include sound clips from the film. Toys based on other characters, including Flynn Rider, Pascal and Maximus, have also been released. Rapunzel is yet to be included as an official Disney Princess. However, she already appears in numerous books and doll sets. Her exclusive Limited Edition deluxe doll will be available march 29, 2011. This exquisite, limited-edition deluxe collectible doll features intricate details and her Renaissance-era dress magically captures her spirit making this a treasured keepsake. Also available is her lifesize Rapunzel doll. I just LOVE all Disney toys ! Mandy Moore princess Rapunzel toys dolls Rapunzel doll disney rapunzel doll Flynn Rider Action figure princess princess rapunzel Tangled toys doll Tangled Rapunzel doll Blucollection Disney toys collection collectibles Disney collectibles Tangled Rapunzel lifesize doll Disney toys Disney dolls Tangled dolls

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