Saturday, May 12, 2012

NEW Jet Everett Turbo Loft CARS 2 Tomica Japan Import Tomy Takara Toys

New "Tomy Takara" Everett Jet Turbo Loft Transporter import from Tomica Japan. This Disney Pixar jet holds 3 small diecasts 1:55 scale like Sally, Ramone, Guido, Lightning Mcqueen, Martin, Luigi, Uncle Topolino, Mama Topolino, and a few racers, as well as all hot wheels cars 1:64 scale diecast. Cargo opens manually to load 3 diecast cars and closes automatically. His nose also opens automatically to release the cars but needs to be closed manually. This is a plastic push jet and does not fly. Everett is the first jumbo jet in a long line of passenger jets, with each generation of his familiy getting a little longer and wider. But Everett doesn't mind. After all, when you're racking up close to two million frequent-flier miles and hauling cars back and forth across the Pacific, size is synonymous with a smooth, comfortable flight - and that's what Everett is known for. That, and taxiing too fast. There's nothing like the feeling of eighteen squishy tires landing on the tarmac. The Everett is a jumbo jet airline company that Relampago Lightning McQueen uses to travel around the world for the World Grand Prix. On it's sides, reads "Turbo Loft". His design is off a Boeing 747-400. His airline number is TS 1995 which means "Toy Story 1995" the year the Pixar film Toy Story was first released in the theaters. - Inspired by the new hit Disney/Pixar film, Cars 2 - Prepare for an exciting on-time arrival with the Cars 2 Transporter - Animation-style jet that opens to carry 3 Cars vehicles in 1:55 scale diecast - TILTS FOR "TAKE OFF" (THOUGH DOES NOT FLY) Controle manualmente o Jato Everett rumo as aventuras de Carros 2. O Jato transporta possui compartimento para transporte de carros. Aperte o botão para ouvir os sons do Jato e prepare-se para decolar! Características do Produto: - Sons reais de motor de Jato - Inclina para decolar (Este Jato não voa) - Controle remoto de facil uso - Empurre o controle para a frente e o avião vai para a frente - Puxe o controle para traz e o avião reverte em circulos - Armazena até 5 carros (não incluidos) - Feito de material plástico - Mater mede 20cm x 40cm -asa a asa x 44cm - Controle Remoto mede 15cm x 7cm x 12cm - Controle Remoto requer 6 pilhas AA Check out: Disneycollectorbr, jeepersmedia, thetoychannel, fluffyJetproductions, racegrooves, toyreviews, SeanxLong, wiki/cars_2, wikicars, timetoplaymag, DisneyPixar, DisneyMovies, DisneyMovieTrailers, DisneyParks, DisneyLiving, Tomy Takara is a Japanese toy company created in March 2006 merger of two companies: Tomy and long-time rival, Takara. The decision to use the Tomy name in English, yet the Takara-Tomy name in Japanese, was made for pragmatic reasons. Tomy has built considerable brand recognition internationally, particularly in the area of infant and preschool toys products. On the other hand, most of Takara's international hit products (Microman, Transformers, Battle Beasts, Beyblade, B-Daman) have been sold and branded by other companies, most notably, Hasbro. Tomica is the line of diecast toy vehicles cars and related products produced by Takara Tomy Co. of Japan. "Tomica toys" "Tomica Cars 2" "Tomica Everett" "Takara Tomy cars 2" "Takara Tomy Everett" "Takara Tomy toys" "Tomica Cars 2" "Tomica Radiator Springs" "Cars Toon Mater's tall tales" "Tomica cars 2 diecast" Tomy, Tomica, Takara, Cars2, Cars, Everett Car Transporter Turbo Jet Turbo Jet Cars 2 Turbo Loft Cars 2 Cars 2 toys reviews Everett Turbo Loft Everett Cars 2 turbo Disney Pixar toys Turbo Loft jet airplane Cars 2 turbojet airplane brinquedos brinquedos carros 2 carrinhos pixar cars channel aviao avião Pixar cars 2 diecast jato everett jato turbo loft Tomy Tomica Takara Tomy Takara carros2 carros 2 carros 2 Everett Tomica Cars 2 diecast Tomica Cars 2 die-cast blucollection

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