Monday, May 14, 2012

Bash N Go Autonault Moon Mater Astronaut Mcqueen CARS TOON

"Cars 2 Bash n Go" Collection: The Cars 2 characters take flight in the Disney Pixar sequel and now during playtime. Each vehicle comes with a fun launcher. When the vehicle is inserted into it, the launcher can be used to send characters up into the air to see how high they can reach or along the ground to see how far they can go. Includes 1 vehicle and 1 launcher. Each vehicle sold separately, sells for $10.00 "Bash N Go Autonaut Mater" UPC 746775103637 X0773 "Bash N go Autonaut Lightning Mcqueen" UPC 746775077099 X7864 "Cars 2 Bash N go Holley Shiftwell" "Cars 2 Bash N go Lightning McQueen" "Cars 2 Bash N go Siddeley The Spy Jet" "Cars Toon Bash N go Astronaut Mater" "Cars Toon Bash N go Astronaut Lightning Mcqueen" Lightning McQueen, typically referred to by his surname Mc Queen, or "Stickers" by his girlfriend Sally, is a racecar from the 2006 animated Pixar film Cars, Cars 2 and Cars Toon Mater's tall tales. He is based on NASCAR vehicles. It is revealed on Lightning McQueen Facebook page that he won 4 Piston Cup 500 from 2007-2010. He is also in the Cars Toons Mater's tall tales, Cars Mater-National Championship, and Cars Race-O-Rama. Lightning is a red racecar sponsored by Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment ("With Just a Little Rust-eze, you can look like Lightning McQueen!"). He is #95, and in Cars he is racing his first Piston Cup race. In Cars 2, he's racing his first World Grand Prix race. Mater's Tall Tales or A Cars Toon is an American animated short television series by Pixar featuring the characters Mater and Lightning McQueen from the film Cars and Cars2. The series' first broadcast on Toon Disney, Disney Channel and ABC Family. Not exclusive to television, the episodes have also premiered as theatrical shorts, such as with the 2008 film Bolt. On November 2, 2010, the series was released on DVD and Blu-ray featuring 2 brand new episodes. So far have been released 10 episodes; 3 in season 1, and 6 in season 2 and the latest espisode 10 in season 3 called "Air Mater" "Cars toon blu-ray dvd episodes" 1 "Rescue Squad Mater" 2 "Mater The Greater" 3 "El Materdor" 4 "(U.F.M.) Unidentified Flying Mater" 5 "Tokyo Mater" Mater offers to tow home a stranded Japanese car (named Ito-San), but ends up in Tokyo, Japan after hauling him all the way across the Pacific Ocean. He is subsequently challenged to a race by the Drift King Kabuto (a car resembling Boost, the leader of The Delinquent Road Hazards) with the winner being crowned "King of All Drifters" and the loser being stripped of all custom modifications to become a "stock" car. Lightning McQueen shows up to help Mater fend off an attack by Kabuto's ninjas and then help Mater catch up with Kabuto. 6 "Monster Truck Mater" Mater is a professional (Monster Truck) Wrestler who works his way up the ranks from amateur to World Champion Monster Truck Wrestler, wrestling all kinds of characters along the way. These trucks include the I-Screamer, Captain Collision, The Rasta Carian, Dr. Feel Bad, and Paddy O'Concrete. When faced with his biggest opponent yet -the Monster of Dr. Frankenwagon-, Mater tags in his "tag team partner," Frightening McMean. 7 "Heavy Metal Mater" Mater is a rock star in a heavy metal band. He starts out in a garage band and rises to the top with his hit song, "Dad Gum" (which bears a heavy-metal style by accident when the drummer goes crazy trying to kill a fly on the drum while recording an album), a song based on the line Mater is famous for. Lightning McQueen joins him on stage in the middle of a huge concert and they rock into history. 8 "Moon Mater" Mater is the first Tow Truck on the moon. His mission: Rescue the Impala XIII by giving him a tow and bringing him back to Earth. Lightning McQueen joins Mater and they are met with a hero's welcome. Role as an Astronaut. 9 "Mater Private Eye" 10 "Air Mater" "Bash and Go cars 2" "Bash n go cars 2" blucollection "bash n go" "bash n go Mattel" "espia secreto Mater" "Espião Secreto Mater" "espia secreto Holley" "Disney cars channel" "Pixar cars 2 diecast" "Pixar cars 2 die-cast" "Pixar cars 2 channel" disneypixarcarsdiecast "carros 2" "Cars 2 Bash N Go" "bash n go cars" "Holley Caixadibrita" "Lightning Mcqueen" "bash n go Lightning Mcqueen" "bash and go Lightning Mcqueen" "Cars (film)" "Lightning McQueen" Muita diversão com esse veículo personagem do filme Carros 2. Encaixe no disparador e aperte o botão para o Relâmpago McQueen e o Mate correr mais rápido do que nunca. Quanto mais forte apertar o botão mais rápido seu personagem corre! Disparador Carros 2 Mattel Relâmpago McQueen. toys Moon Mater toys astronaut Mater astronaut Lightning Mcqueen autonault Mater autonault Lightning Mcqueen Cars Toon moon Mater Cars Toon Mater's tall tales blu ray cars toon blu-ray cars toon dvd cars toon Bash and go Mater bash n go bash n go mater Astronault Astronaut Mater Lightning Mcqueen Moon Mater episode air mater cars toon 2

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